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ON! Arousal Oil

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ON! Arousal Oil
ON! Arousal Oil ON! Arousal Oil ON! Arousal Oil ON! Arousal Oil

Arousal oils are a variety of combinations of herbs and natural oils that are mixed together to stimulate the clitoris and surrounding labia. Arousal oils make the whole area warm and tingly. This makes the blood rush into the labia (remember, they have a huge blood supply and are made up of erectile tissue) and helps your clitoris become stimulated. I recommend that 1 to 2 drops of ON Arousal oil be placed on the clitoris and labia minora about 15 minutes prior to intercourse.  The entire area will become warm and tingly; it will make you think about your clitoris!  Alternatively, it can be used prior to or during masturbation to aid in the intensity of your orgasm.  Or...what the heck...just put is on when you want to smile! 

  • Creates a warm and tingly sensation that awakens nerve endings, increases blood flow, and makes a woman feel more sensation than ever before!
  • 100% natural botanical ingredients and essential oils
  • Helps a woman respond more easily to physical stimulation giving her full clitoral awareness!
  • Place on clitoris and surrounding area 15 minutes prior to intercourse – or whenever you want to tingle
  • Perfect for women who have a partner who is ilcliterate!