Sophisticated Menopause

Welcome To Dr. Pam's Sopshisticated Menopause- The Boutique For Women in Menopause

I sincerely welcome you to Sophisticated Menopause. I have created this online store for the purpose of enabling women in menopause to have complete access to products that may be uncomfortable to purchase in public.  Although there are not many products, they are the ones that I recommend to women in my private office to protect and enhance their vaginas after menopause. 

Every product has value in terms of furthering vaginal health.  They contain medical grade materials that are safe to put into your body.  Many of these products also have a dual purpose of sexual arousal for use with your spouse.

Feel free to look around and enjoy these wonderful products! If you have questions or concerns, you may contact me at my website:

With Love,

Dr. Pam