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Book- Love, Sweat and Tears (Hard Copy)

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Book: Love, Sweat & Tears by Dr. Pam
Book: Love, Sweat & Tears by Dr. Pam Book- Love, Sweat and Tears (Hard Copy) Book- Love, Sweat and Tears (Hard Copy)

You are in for the story of a lifetime!  Dr. Pam begins her journey describing her devotion to taking care of women and why the healthcare and well-being of all women is important to her.  Over the course of the book, you will be introduced to your anatomy, stories from 30 years of practice, and hysterical things that happen daily in a gynecologist's office. 

Dr. Pam's book, Love, Sweat, and Tears, takes you on a journey of menopausal medicine.  Dr. Pam puts 30 years of Gynecologic experience in this book.  She takes each issue that menopausal women worry about and talks to you like a friend.  It is what your gynecologist would like to tell you...but can't because of time constraints.

Be the owner of the very first edition.  Read Dr. Pam's personal story of how she decided to devote her practice to the gynecologic care and sexual health of her patients.

When you read about the problems that women go through, you will feel soooo normal - it is the "things" that women don't talk about.  Prepare to see how normal you really are!  The book, Love, Sweat, and Tears, will show you why and how much your OB/GYN really cares about you.                                     

The book that inspired the upcoming movie: Love, Sweat, and Tears

Information given as if you are talking to your best friend.

What your doctor really wants to tell you about menopause.

Hilarious situations and problems that occurs in a physician's office.

Secrets of Gynecology only your doctor knows..

Every Menopausal Woman Knows...Love...Sweat...and especially...Tears.