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Cool Water Cone

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Cool Water Cone
Cool Water Cone Cool Water Cone Cool Water Cone Cool Water Cone Cool Water Cone

The Cool Water Cone is a wonderful product developed by a loving husband whose wife was undergoing pelvic radiation therapy.  It is a vaginal dilator that is cold and wet. Now that may not sound pleasant to everyone, but if you are menopausal, undergoing radiation therapy, or have finished radiation therapy you will understand the benefit of Cool Water Cones. In all of these situations, the burning and dryness of the vagina becomes very uncomfortable - even intolerable!   This product must be kept in a zip-lock bag in the refrigerator when not in use.Otherwise, it will dry up and disappear.  When you take it out of the bag, it should be run under cold water.  This will release moisturizer which will make it easier to place in your vagina.  It offers relief from vaginal burning and dryness.  Three sizes are available to slowly stretch out your vagina after radiation treatments or just because of lack of use after menopause.

This is a gentle and "cool" way to stretch and soothe the vagina.  Using Cool Water Cones is wonderful for the unfortunate "burning" that some women endure. Your vagina will thank you for using Cool Water Cones!

3 Sizes:  Small, Medium, and Large
Keep in Refrigerator when not in use
Put a little water on it to activate moisturizer
Be prepared for the “coolness” and moisturizing effects