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Just Like Me Gel Lubricant-Vaginal Moisturizer

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Just Like Me Gel Lubricant-Vaginal Moisturizer
Just Like Me Gel Lubricant-Vaginal Moisturizer Just Like Me Gel Lubricant-Vaginal Moisturizer


Dr. Pam’s Favorite Item!

Just Like Me personal lubricant and vaginal moisturizer is one of the best moisturizers to use for daily vaginal moisturizing.

Daily Vaginal Moisturizing? What?

Yes, you should use a daily vaginal moisturizer after menopause. Your vagina has had estrogen to take care of her since puberty. Once your ovaries have stopped producing estrogen, your vagina will shrink in diameter and length. The walls will atrophy and become thin and dry. The vagina burns and becomes irritated.

Just like you put daily moisturizer on your face and body, you need to put moisturizer in your vagina. Just Like Me  comes in a 3.38 oz bottle.  It contains no hormones.  There is no buildup or residue that is left in your vagina like other vaginal moisturizers.

Just Like Me is clear and odorless; it helps maintain natural pH of the vagina. I recommend a small amount in the vagina every day.   (Consider purchasing a vaginal syringe for easy application if you don't want to put it on with your finger.)

Just Like Me supplements your natural vaginal hydration. Be nice to your vagina daily! Give her Just Like Me vaginal moisturizer.   Why is this Dr. Pam's favorite moisturizer? It is a secret weapon that only you will know about:

If you have it in your vagina and you get slightly aroused (or put a little water on your finger and put it in your vagina) the gel will “re-wet” and make you seem more excited than you really are!  It will be our little secret.
A great lubricant for intercourse as well!