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Raya Vaginal Vibrator by Intimina

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Raya Vaginal Vibrator by Intimina
Raya Vaginal Vibrator by Intimina Raya Vaginal Vibrator by Intimina Raya Vaginal Vibrator by Intimina

Raya Vaginal Vibrator by Intimina is a naturally-curved personal massager that offers the versatility of internal and external stimulation.  Raya is completely waterproof and can be used in the tub or shower.  This beautifully curved and amazingly smooth silicone vibrator has easy to use controls and near-silent vibrations.  There are 6 rhythmic modes with 16 speeds to suit your preferences and mood.

I recommend this product for pleasure and for physical therapy.  For pleasure, the Raya can be placed on the clitoris or in the vagina for sensual vibrations leading to orgasm.  Amazing!  No woman should die without using a vibrator.  It is quick and not messy!

However, for physical therapy, the Raya can be used gently to dilate the opening of the vagina under your own pressure.  One side is wider than the other to work up to the largest dilation.  Once able to get the vibrator into the vagina, the Raya can be used to increase the length of the vagina and to increase the blood supply to the vagina after menopause.

Place the vibrator into the vagina on high vibration for 15 to 30 minutes every other day.  This will stimulate blood supply to the area (read the chapter in Dr. Pam's book about taking the cast off of your vagina).  The versatile Raya Vaginal Vibrator (by Intimina) has been hand-picked by Dr. Pam for your vaginal pleasure and physical therapy.

Uses 2 AAA batteries

Silicone lubricant will damage the smooth silicone covering.  Water-based lubricants can be used without harm on the Raya Vaginal Vibrator.