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Aging does not have to be the end of your intimacy...

"Things" don't work so well after menopause...Intimacy Aids can help achieve goals that 'used to' happen easily.

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You do not have to be embarrassed to shop for intimate items...

Special Products

Natural Arousal Oil

ON Arousal Oil is one of my best sellers. It is a combination of essential oils and natural products that make the clitoris engorge with blood. There are no hormones in it at all. ON makes the whole area warm and tingly. I was given this product as a gift for giving a lecture several years ago. I was actually kind of annoyed because I was expecting a basket of lotion from Bath and Body Works. I tried it...and I bought 150 bottles for the store the next day. Obviously, this is one of my favorite products ;-)



Wet Platinum Premium Silicone Lubricant is a 100% silicone lubricant for intercourse. Once arthritis, aches, and pains set in as we get older, couples may find it necessary to have intercourse in a hot-tub. Makes sense...right? The buoyancy of the tub lets you get in positions that may be difficult in bed. Water based lubricants dry up quickly and have to be re-applied. Of course, water-based lubricants will just go away in a hot tub. But silicone lubricant will stay right where you but it! It is a non-sticky, smooth as silk lubricant that usually does not need to be re-applied. If used in the very careful not to slip ;-)



I'll always be thankful for what Dr. Pams products did for my marriage. A little spice to my marriage was just what we were looking for!

– L.S.

I'm old, but I'm not dead. I wish I had known sooner about these products. I thought it was nasty. It is not. They are intimacy aids.

– D.M.

I wish that I had the idea sooner for a safe place for women to shop for intimate products. The association with pornography is understandable, but sad. Women need help as they get just don't work that well. Lubricants and vibrators, and arousal products help get back that loving feeling...faster.

– Dr. Pamela Gaudry

You are never too old to have fun! We can't move the same way that we used to, and these products help "get the job done!"

– J.C.

All I can say is that I though my Sex Life was over. I came to see Dr. Pam and a part of my life that I feared was gone forever is working fine again! Just do what she says. Protect, use, and enjoy your vagina forever!

– - C.V.

I sent Dr. Pam a bouquet of flowers after my wife went to see her. I don't know what she said, but I'm glad that she said it!

– - R.C.


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